Scenes From An All-Boys Gig

Characters (L to R):
- Father of two at the piano, who barely made it to the concert after his long shift at the office; he is still in his worn out light grey suit, sans the tie - minor adjustment towards the casual look.
- Ex-soldier, band leader of his time on the trumpet; he is so disappointed with the small turn-out that he can't help but break into laughter after every weak applause from the crowd.
- The young and aspiring over-sized teenager on the double bass; his cheeks are as red as his red plaid shirt.
- The third most important man of an old and rooted Italian mafia on the tenor sax. His crazy moves during this sax solos conflict with his subtlety.
- Tall, white, young and lovely, the alto sax player with possibly Danish genes looks as dissimilar to the band, as a red apple in a bowl of citrus. He is torn between caring or not caring about what anybody thinks about him; but then again, that only means that he does, indeed, care.
- His haircut and glass shape choice give his most discreet secret away -the kind you would keep in closet-, the drummer looks happy to be a part of this boys club; his obedience visible, through the way he follows the instructions of the trumpeter.

Please and thank you's. Two hours of sheer musical experience. Intensity.
Promises, made, yet quite questionable.
Makes you wonder, really, who their closest friends may be.
Not us, for certain, but maybe they should re-consider that.
We were of the few, that actually were, there, in the end.
Please, thank you.


Scenes From An Almost-Sleepover With The Boys

- The toilet seat refuses to stay down. At least boys pee with the toilet seat up.
- Coffee is made, and coffee is served at anytime you want.
- Cookies are taken serious. There are rules to eating certain cookies.
- Smoking is a continuous offer, and is encouraged, but always voluntary.
- Comfiest chair is presented, despite their inconvenience.
- Focus is kept on fun and entertainment.
- There are goals to these all-nighters. They are not about the process, but the end cause.
- They happen, because of cronuts.
- And you don't necessarily understand it, but they don't mind.
- Goodnight.

5:17 AM


Eu vejo na luz dos seus olhos

"Of course he has a girlfriend. Of course he does. He's straight isn't he? Of course he has a girlfriend home!"



"You'd think moving to a new city would open up endless opportunities for love. But no. Not in the slightest bit. You know how they say "all the good ones are taken", well they are. Unless they are gay. Unless of course they are gay and taken. So there you have it. No opportunities. None that I'd like to seize. And you may say that have crazy high expectations, and maybe I do, but who do I end up with when I lower the expectations? When I accept my desperation? Who do I become? Who am I currently, anyway?"


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