Conversation with God

G: You didn't possibly didn't..did you, really think that..I mean did you really think that it was going to last?
S: Well yes. No. I didn't think it would be like this. It seems soon. Too soon.
G: How long, would you rather have it?
S: I don't know, it didn't really have to be long. But I could use the spotlight for another couple of months.
G: No, no, no, Sally. You're not being logical. You were not made for the spotlight.
S: But I thought I was doing fine.
G: No, you see, I made you. You're an understudy.
S: But how is that fair? And I did all I can to be a good person.
G: That's the thing Sally, you are a good person. But that's not enough. It's never is.
S: What was I supposed to do then, not to be the understudy?
G: Nothing, Sally. You were made this way. I made you, this way. You're the second best friend, the sidekick.
S: But I can be more. I am more than this.
G: Sally, you can't. I know you can't.
S: Well, why? I believed in you, why won't you believe in me?
G: Because that's not how it works Sally.
S: How does it work then?
G: The way I want it to be.

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