Adventure (Story #1)

'You sure you're going to be alright?' she asks with her evermore concerned face. No one in the world cares about me more than she does, which is something I highly appreciate but never knew how to express. That's why I hug her for a second time, hoping maybe, this will show how much I love her. I'm not much of a hugger, that, she knows, and she understands my inner meanings, as she always does.
'It's one of those now or never moments,' I say 'though not a right moment for a clishé I suppose.'
'Is there? A right time for a clishé?' she says and smiles, trying as hard as she can to hide her concern.
'I know I'll be okay. I'll send postcards, promise.'
'Can't you just take your phone with you?'
'It's in the trash, and, you know it will ruin the whole idea of adventure.'
'Since when has this became an adventure?'
'When has ever life stopped being an adventure? You're in one, with your beer-bellied lovely man and those two teethless monsters of yours.' I know this last remark will certainly get a laughter off her, and it does, and she beams at the word of her lovely, lovely kids. 'And this is mine.'
'I know,' she says, and gives out a sigh, 'just take care, will you?'
'Okay, "mom"' I say, which makes her snort and hit me on the arm.
Then comes my train, and I get in, find my seat next to the window seeing the station, and I wave good-bye to my best friend. I breathe upon the window and draw a heart onto the steam I made, which makes her burst into laugh so cheerfully, I can hear it inside the train.
Then the train starts to move.
I look at her until we leave the station, and start making our way through the empty fields of where I had spent my whole life, my home.
"Goodbye, home" I say out loud, but in a voice only I can hear, not that anybody is listening, not that there's anybody else in the compartment where I am. Because nobody is, and I'm all alone.

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