It must have been around 1 pm when mom called and now it was 4 pm and after four weeks of denial and indolence, I decided it was time to do laundry. I shuffled through my stuff in the bag in a vain hope of finding something that wasn't looking and smelling so horrible, and then decided what I had on was probably the best combination, since everything in the bag had this weird smell. I would try and name it, but heck, who needs more visuals than a bag of moisty sweatpants and sweathirts and boxers and balls of socks?
After putting each piece of clothing I owned in the bag, I hit the road for the launderette a few blocks away. The air in this place was thick and the air conditioning never worked but I couldn't care less. It had large comfortable couches, way more comfortable than my bedless mattress, and nobody minded me taking a nap as long as I was using the machines, and I never minded picking the longest washing program for my clothes. Hygiene, in the end, was very important.
I had been dreaming about... I can't really remember but, I had been dreaming when I was woken by a familiar voice:
"Darling, I think your clothes are ready," and indeed they were. It was Mrs. Green, with a grand smile on her face. I never understood how young she managed to look with all the wrinkles in her face and her grey hair tied loosely at the back. She and her three friends, whom I liked to call the Golden Girls, were living around this block and were my only source of income. They were all living alone, except for playing canasta together everyday, and whenever something broke or simply refused to work in their ancient houses, they called me to fix it. I recieved my payement in a decent amount of cash or a homecooked meal of my own choosing. So I was happy to see this woman, not only because she made the best apple pies I've ever had, but because she was very nice.
"Thanks Mrs. Green."
"You know, you are gonna get yourself a stiff back for sleeping on these couches, darling."
"No no, don't you worry. They are more comfy than they look. How are the girls?"
"Oh they are all just fine. Carol had a new haircut, and don't tell her that I told you this but Marie told me that it looked awful. I think it looks wonderful! But what does Marie know about haircuts anyway? She hadn't had one for ten years now! She's lucky she still has a head full of 'em. And Aileene was expecting a guest sometime soon. I haven't seen her this morning, I was too busy preparing for the roast we're having tonight. You sure you don't want to come?"
A homecooked roast beef, fresh out of the oven. I could even hear the smell of it. I had been feeding on store-bought noodles and pizza deliveries for the last few weeks. Of course I wanted to go.
"Yes Mrs. Green, I am sure."
But I was too lazy, and too unwilling to hear about the symptoms of deathly ilnesses for the night. I was planning to rent a movie on the way home and watch that on my Mac while eating a pizza.
Or noodles.
That would be a surprise for me as well.

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