The Blabbery.

"Be the man of your words." How wrong is it, of us, all of us to think that this sequence of words should mean "Keep your promises". A man of words is the least trustable if you ask me. I am one of those of their words; and let me tell you: words are sneaky. They don't come when you expect them to do so. And when they do come, most probably on an improper occasion, they never come alone. They bring their friends. And families. And acquaintances. And enemies. And every other word. So, then, when you want to put a period down, they pull it down with their weight, all of them, make it a comma, so they can keep coming. Sometimes they don't even bother doing that. They keep coming after the period. There is no stopping them. No way. So, how can one possibly expect a man of his words to be trustworthy. How, when we all know that it's not really up to him to be trustworthy or not. It's the words' choice. It's a conviction, decided by words and applied by words. Therefore, he leaves, because the words have come to the conclusion it's better for him to leave. And there is no reason to blame him, because the words have made him come this way, anyway.

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